Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday Scrappin'

I found this new blog through Moms of Grace. I'm going to attempt to participate since I'm doing SO MUCH crafting and scrapbooking type stuff right now. (I'm not being sarcastic about this) It will be fun to see what others are doing and have another place to share projects.

This week I need to alter three wooden letters for an order I received at the craft fair last Saturday and make four mini-albums for another order. I also need to get items prepared for this coming Saturday's craft fair at North Side High School - mini-albums (my best seller!), nugget tents with a Christmas theme, and hopefully, a few other small items like magnets and/or ornaments.

Good luck to everyone this week with your to-do lists!

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Amy said...

Thanks for playing along with Sunday Scrappin! I love to read about what other people are working on- it inspired me with my own crafts. Good luck with the craft show!