Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Swap

I know, I know, Easter was LAST week. However, the swap I signed up for didn't require that the items be postmarked until March 31 - thank God! I finished these up on Thursday and am getting them packaged up to be mailed on Monday - March 31. Each of the ten participants in the swap will receive the two slide mounts pictured below, yes, I decorated the eggs on each one with my markers so they would look like they were dyed (for you non-scrapbooking type people, these could be affixed to a scrapbook page as embellishments and you can put a small photo in the frame or another type of embellishment). In turn, I will get back ten other items all with the Easter theme. I'm looking forward to seeing what arrives!

If you've never participated in a swap, they can be lots of fun if you don't overcommit. :-) Keep your contribution simple while still following the guidelines. I've got two more swaps in line for April and May. One is a papercrafting swap, the other is just with one person (whose name I received via e-mail today) for a Sister Shoebox Swap. We answered a short list of questions and submitted them to the swap hostess and were matched with another person who signed up. It's going to be fun to brighten someone's day with a box of goodies all related to Spring.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter!

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